Keeping Quiet

‘Keeping Quiet’: Town Mill, David West Gallery, Lyme Regis, 27 July – 16 August

Ricky Romain is a South West based artist. His imagery is semi-figurative and is inspired by Human Rights. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has often been connected to unique artistic collaborations outside the usual gallery setting, which have cited his work in venues that reflect this theme, including:

  • The International Secretariat, headquarters of Amnesty International in London
  • Tooks Chambers the chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, London
  • The European Court of Human Rights building, Strasbourg
  • Matrix Chambers, London

His images have been used to inform academic publications and conferences, particularly in connection with asylum and immigration issues.

The Ricky Romain exhibition at the Town Mill in Lyme Regis is entitled ‘Keeping Quiet’. It explores questions of collective responsibility, ethical journalism and political accountability.

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