C.V. of Ricky Romain

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021 Unique Framecraft Axminster

2017.Long Gallery.  Black Swan Arts. Frome.

2015  Allsop Gallery Bridport Arts Centre

2013 The Marle Gallery, Axminster, Devon

2013 ‘State of Change’, The Gallery, Burgh Halls, Linlithgow, Scotland

2012 ‘Keeping Quiet’, David West Gallery. Town Mill, Lyme Regis.

2012 Ricky Romain at Matrix Chambers. London

2011 ‘Last Exhibition’, White Space Gallery, Axminster

2010 ‘Innocents Accuses’ Douvres la Delivrande. France

2009 ‘Scapegoats’, White Space Gallery Axminster

2008 ‘compassion/denial Weston College, Bath Spa University

2007 ‘Nurturing Hope-Seeking Common Ground’ Amnesty International.International Secretariat London

2006 ‘In the Absence of Justice…’, Tooks Chambers, The Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC in Conjunction With Amnesty International and BID (Bail for Immigration Detainees

2006 Coombe Street Gallery, Lyme Regis Arts Fest

2005 Coombe Street Gallery, Lyme Regis Arts Fest

2004 White Space Gallery, Alienation & Integration

2004 Coombe Street Gallery, Lyme Regis Arts Fest

2003 Hooked on Books, Chard, Somerset

2002 ‘Outsiders’, The Gallery, Walton High, Milton Keynes

2001 Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter (RAMM)

2001 Town Mill Gallery, Lyme Regis Dorset

1997 Shute House, Devon

1996 Meeting House Gallery, Ilminster

1995 Exeter Cathedral, 50* Anniversary United Nations

1994 Byram Gallery, Taunton

1993 Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London

1991 The Brewhouse Gallery , Taunton

1991 The Minster Church, Axminster Festival

1990 London Ecology Centre

1990 The Plough Art Centre, Devon

1989 David Hibberd Gallery, Lyme Regis

1989 London Ecology Centre

1988 First Julius Gottlieb Memorial Exhibition, Oxford

1987 Michael Sobel Centre

1986 Michael Sobel Centre London

1986 West London Institute, London

1985 Julius Gottlieb Gallery, Carmel College, Oxford

1983 Axiom Centre for the Arts, Cheltenham

1982 Manchester Synagogue

1981 Butlin Gallery, Ilminster

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022. ‘Six Of The Best’ Ace Arts Market Place Somerton

2020 Exile – A Mind In Winter. Alsop Gallery Bridport Arts Center  with Robert Golden (film) Cedoux Kadima painting and Poetry.

2020 Extraordinary Postcards for Extraordinary Times Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange

2019 Town Mill Courtyard Gallery with Heather Fallows

2019 Axminster Loves Art. Marle Gallery Axminster

2018 RAISE Silk Mill Frome

2015 Home Presents – Our Democracy by Citizens of Bridport.

2014 Carnival of Monsters 2014 – Festival of Contemporary Art, Nottingham

2014 Summer Show, Marle Gallery, Axminster

2014 ‘From Different Perspectives’ exhibition with Sculptor and Painter Michael Gordon -Lee. Kennaway House, Sidmouth

2014 Human Rights Exhibition, Bournemouth. www.amnestyat50.co.uk/art

2012 Passion for Freedom London Festival 2012 Unit24 Gallery London

2011 ‘Counterpoint’, Shoreditch, London

2011 ‘Traces and Echoes’, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, Somerset

2009 5th Celebrating Sanctuary, Pierian Centre. Bristol

2008 4th Celebrating Sanctuary, Pierian Centre. Bristol

2007 Slavery, Power and Freedom, Pierian Centre, Bristol

2006 2nd Celebrating Sanctuary, The Pierian Centre, Bristol

2006 ‘Four Devon Artists’, The Art House, Westbourne, Sussex

2005 Celebrating Sanctuary, Pierian Centre, Bristol

2005 Discourse, Power, Resistance, Sherwell Centre, Plymouth

2004 ‘A Tribute to Lowry’, Gallery 27, Cork Street, London

2000 Inspirations 3, Burton Art Gallery & Museum, Bideford

1999 Inspirations 2, Ariel Centre, Totnes

1999 Liverpool Biennial ‘Trace’ Exhibition, Hanover Gallery

1999 ‘Inspirations’, Exeter Museum, D.A.I.S.I.

1995 Taunton, Drawing Open

1995 Bridport Open

1991 Six Jewish Artists, Julius Gottlieb Gallery

1991 Nomadic Art, Whitely’s Gallery, London

1990 Brewhouse Open, Taunton

1989 Alpine Gallery, London

1986 Rona Gallery, London

1982 Sabel & Hog Gallery, Wales

1980 Brewhouse Open, Taunton

1979-1983 Ben Uri Summer Shows, London

1977 Studio Gallery, Dorchester

Work in the collections of

Amnesty International

United Nations

Arts Council South West

The Liberal Jewish Synagogue

St Johns Wood, London

Pierian Centre, Bristol

The late John Fowles

Sir Neville Mariner

Richard Harvey

Prof. Françiose Hampson

Joel Bennathan QC

Samantha Knights QC

Joint Exhibitions

2019- Courtyard Gallery Lyme Regis Heather Fallows.

2008 The Council of Europe, Strasbourg. (Betty Hanns,sculptor, Jeremine Zirinheld,painter)

2005 Standard Class, White Space Gallery (Margarita Kern)

2003 The Study Gallery, Poole (Heather Fallows, poetry)

1997 Beldham Gallery, Brunel University, Uxbridge (Rod Hill, painter)

1998 Byron Gallery, Taunton (Lynette Ravencroft, photographer)


2020 Awarded Arts Council Grant for project ‘The Musicians Who Only Play and Sing For the Drowning.’ Supported using public funding by Arts Council England’

2016 Research and Development funding From Arts Council England for ‘Exile’ project, with filmmaker and photographer Robert Golden and artist and fim maker Cedoux Kadima

2015 Arts Council Grant for ‘Marking Injustice’ – A Painters Way of Coping.

2012 Shorlisted artist for Passion for Freedom London Festival 20012

1998 Artist in Residence, ‘The Human Condition & Contemporary Issues’ (D.A.I.S.I.), Beaford, North Devon

1991 Exhibition Grant, Brewhouse Gallery (South West Arts)

1990 Exhibition Grant, Plough Arts

1984 Artist In Residence, Crispin School, Somerset (South West Arts)

1982 Major Purchase Award (South West Arts)

1981 South West Arts Grant


2023. Carla Ferstman’s book   published by Bristol University Press, my image from  ‘One of the Musicians who Only Play for the Drowning’ will be used for the front cover of her forthcoming academic publication entitled ‘Conceptualising Arbitrary Detention’. licensed by DACS

2020. Extraordinary Post Cards For Extraordinary Times. Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange

2020 Delighted to be represented by Singulart an International Art Agency. https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/ricky-romain-22455?campaign_id=1044

2019 Chapter about my work and process in Robert Golden’s book. ‘A Role For Artist In Troubled Times’

2018 Week long workshops  The Complete Freedom Of Truth (TCFT) Bridport.

2017/18 The painting ‘Sometimes it’s to late For Tenderness’ used to promote ARC website and publicity material.

2017. The Complete Freedom Of Truth (TCFT) Sarteano Italy. Funded by Opera Circus and Erasmus+

2016. The Complete Freedom Of Truth (TCFT) Bournemouth University. www.thecompletefreedomoftruth.com Erasmus+

2015  ‘Lost Voices’ panel 9, used on the front cover of ‘Windows Kiss the Shadows of the Passing Thirty Million,’ Robert Goldens narrative poem about exile.

2015 Home Presents – Our Democracy by Citizens of Bridport. Commissioned to paint 2 Democracy Panels for the Project. Funded by arts Council England

2014  re-Appearances. Film by Robert GoldenThis film is based upon the work created by Ricky Romain for his exhibition, ‘Marking Injustice’- A Painters Way of Coping which was hosted at Bridport Arts Centre from the 17th April -30th May 2015. This was a collaborative exhibition with artist and partner Heather Fallows and photographer and film maker Robert Golden. www.robertgoldenpictures.com. ‘Art is such a profound way of changing society it can be done without violence. As you get older it becomes more important to offer something to society. I want to change hearts and minds’The film and exhibition was made possible with the generous assistance of ARTS COUNCIL ENGAND (ACE)

2013 ‘Conscious and Unconscious Embrace (detail 1) – Image used for the Redress Annual Report 2012-13. Redress (www.redress.org) work with victims of torture around the world.

2010 ‘Metaphor and Meaning’ Collaboration with the Pierian Centre and St. Michael’s in the Mount Primary School, funded by Bristol City Council.

2010 Image used on the cover of book of poetry by Clara Janes, ‘Book of Disposition’ published by Delit Editions.

2009 Image used for the cover for ‘Human Security and Non-Citizens’. Authors Alice Edwards and Carla Firstman. Published by Cambridge University Press.

2009 Anne Frank +You school workshops ( funded by refugee week)

2006/7 Work used by BID ( Bail for Immigration Detainees) for cover of annual reports.

2005 Featured on front cover for launch of ‘Art in Devon Magazine’

2003 Artist in residence. Priory School, Exeter. Creating images with students for the new EDF Energy Building in Exeter with Arts & Business and D.A.I.S.I.

2003 Artist in residence, Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis. Woodland Project.

2002 ‘The Life We Choose’. Working with a group of Eastern European artists and musicians who were seeking asylum. Exhibition of resulting collaboration at Weymouth Arts Centre. Funded by The Home Office.

2000 Year of the Artist Calendar. Lottery-funded workshops culminating in exhibition at Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter 2001. (RAMM)

2000 Artist in Residence, Burton Art Gallery & Museum, Bideford

1998 Community Artist, Axminster Community Arts Project

1994 Exhibition School Project ‘Artwork Bound’ ( with artist Peter Randell-Page, Bobby Cox and Stella Trip) Exhibition Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter. Work resulting from the collaboration, between students and the four artists.

1993 Axminster Festival – working with local primary & comprehensive schools creating banners

1992 Commissioned by East Devon Education Authority to design and paint, with a group of Exeter children, an inter- faith mural to be linked with the launch of the new National Religion Education Curriculum.

1992 Axminster Festival – working with local primary and secondary schools to create banners

1990 Paintings used to illustrate Channel 4 documentary ‘A Sense of Belonging’. This examined British Jewish Identity and, with others, looked at the artist’s own spiritual journey through Judaism. The series was screened at the National Film Theatre in 1990 and was broadcast in June and July 1991.

1987 Painting ‘Late for Shabbat’ chosen to feature along with works of Picasso, Chagall & Dali to illustrate the book ‘The Bible in 20th Century Art’, published by Pagoda Art Books.