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Author: heavencrawley

I’ve been involved in migration research for nearly 25 years, in fact from the time when no-one was much interested in migration. Although I keep hearing that we need a ‘proper debate’ on migration, from my perspective I’ve spent a huge proportion of my adult life talking about very little else. You can read my stuff in lots of different places and most is available free online rather than in academic articles, which are often inaccessible (both practically and in other ways….). This blog is a way of me downloading thoughts and ideas about what’s going on in the world of migration which can’t be done in 140 characters on Twitter and which I don’t have time and/or inclination and/or expertise, to write about in a longer piece. Calling the blog ‘musings’ makes it sounds at least partly reflective but be prepared for the occasional unadulterated rant… View all posts by heavencrawley

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