The Musicians Who Only Play And Sing For The Drowning

The collaborative event that I have received funding from and ‘Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England’

involves the exploration of  marrying ‘sculpting  with sound’ techniques with my improvisational  Indian music experience  

  I am currently creating paintings  that explore an amalgamation of  loosely, referenced figurative imagery with  abstracted  ‘musical instrument’ shapes  I have entitled the series

 ‘The Musicians who only Play and Sing For the Drowning’

 I will be working with Jack Harman and Jon Tye recording at The Center Of Sound, Maker Heights Cornwall, we will be using these images to inspire musical montages and mutually improvised soundscapes.


‘The Musicians Who Only Play And Sing For The Drowning’ by Ricky Romain oil and Indian Ink on gesso on canvas 180cm x 129cm

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