Echoes and Traces

‘Echoes and Traces’ at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, 17 September – 20 November 2011.

The participating artists are:

  • Jill Carter
  • Jenni Dutton
  • Jon England
  • Mary Husted
  • Natasha Kerr
  • Tracey Oldham
  • Ricky Romain
  • Natalie Tkachuk
  • Phil Whiting

There will also be a small group of works contributed by Alzheimer patients in association with the Alzheimer’s Society.

The exhibition focuses on artists working with Memory in the broadest sense, from documenting family histories to using objects to trigger things forgotten. There is a diverse use of media and imagery touching upon found objects and materials that evoke nostalgic emotions, personal stories, and images half remembered which reflect intense moments and experiences.

Memory is triggered by places, objects and events. Some of the imagery looks to the past while other imagery looks to the future. Each is intensely personal.

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